Arnell Reprises ‘Rocky’ Scene for Reebok

NEW YORK Philadelphia 76er Allen Iverson pulls a Rocky in a new television spot from the Arnell Group introducing the NBA player’s Reebok Answer 7 basketball shoe and breaking on Tuesday.

Directed by Paul Hunter of HSI in Los Angeles, the 60-second commercial by the New York shop shows Iverson awaking from a dream in which New York has just beaten Philadelphia in a basketball game. It’s only 5 a.m., but Iverson pulls on his sweats and Answer 7 shoes and dribbles a basketball through the city as kids cheer and cars honk. Iverson then dribbles up the stairs of the Philadelphia Museum of Art, much like the signature scene in Rocky in which Sylvester Stallone’s character mounts the steps. At the top, Iverson sees the Reebok vector logo appear in the sky. Onscreen copy reads, “The new answer.”

The ad, along with a 30-second version, breaks on Tuesday on TNT during the season-opening game between San Antonio and Phoenix. It will also run on cable and broadcast stations including ESPN, MTV, UPN and Comedy Central, among others.

Reebok, based in Canton, Mass., spent about $50 million on advertising in 2002, according to Nielsen Monitor-Plus.