Arnell to ‘De-emphasize’ Casio

By Matt Surman

NEW YORK–The Arnell Group is launching what it calls a ‘sub-branding’ campaign for Casio’s G-Shock line of watches.

The New York agency is hoping to position the line separately from the Casio name. ‘We’re really trying to de-emphasize the Casio brand, which is associated with calculator watches, for instance. It’s a sub-branding effort,’ said Dane Solomon, Arnell’s senior vice president, director.

Since the Dover, N.J.-based client wants to broaden its identity, Arnell will take a variety of approaches in the campaign, tailoring separate print ads–and taglines–to demographics oriented toward fashion, athletics and technology. ‘We’ll get in on any level they desire,’ said Solomon.

The campaign breaks as an insert in July books of Outside and Wired, featuring a blueprint of a G-Shock watch and a ‘catalogue’ of available designs. The tag: ‘Time for the 21st century.’

Another ad features a sleek woman’s ankle wearing a bright yellow-green watch. The copy reads: ’24 hours of secs.’ The tagline is: ‘Anytime. Anywhere from G-Shock. Smaller sizes. Bigger colors.’

Sources estimated spending on the account, which the agency picked up last year, to be $5-6 million.

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