Arbitron: accommodating

In spite of Arbitron’s virtual lock on the radio ratings biz, the company has just shown it does not turn a monopolistic, deaf ear to its customers. Arbitron will increase its sample size by as much as 70 percent in some markets–a change long sought by the station community. Stations and Arbitron have been discussing the inadequacy of sample size for years. The new plan calls for a real increase in the number of diaries–rather than just an enlargement of the time period. In continuously metered markets by the end of 1994 the number of diaries in the metro area will increase by 30 percent. Half of that increase will come from the introduction of new diaries, and the other 15 percent will be diaries gained by the elimination of non-metro measurement during the winter and summer surveys. Non-metro areas will continue to be surveyed at the same sample size in the spring and fall. After 1994 the sample size will be upped another 40 percent–all due to new diaries–bringing the sample to 70 percent over the 1993 level in continuously metered markets by 1996.
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