But Is Any Of It Deductible?

It is surprising more men don’t wait until April 15 to file their tax returns.

On tax day for the past four years, Playboy TV has been staging on-site promotions at selected post offices around the country.

Two Playmates at each location give neck and shoulder rubs to weary taxpayers. ‘We offer harried tax filers a bit of relief,’ explained Maggie McDermott, vice president, marketing for Playboy TV.

It doesn’t end once taxpayers leave post office premises. Playboy TV also promotes a free or discounted day of viewing in certain markets for customers who request it from their cable companies.

According to the U.S. Postal Service, the main post office in New York serves 20,000 people on April 15 each year.

Playboy TV had competition for those visitors: 3M handed out the less-sexy Post-It product tape flag.

A 3M representative said the promotion is an attempt to help more than 1 million taxpayers remember to sign their tax forms each year. The Internal Revenue Service said that’s how many forms are sent back for missing signatures each year. (Maybe they’re distracted by the Playmates.)

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