Anti-Tobacco Ad Bows on Oscar Night

CHICAGO Minnesota’s young anti-tobacco movement Target Market will air one spot during the 75th annual Academy Awards show on Sunday.

The new 30-second television commercial from Clarity Coverdale Fury, Minneapolis, exposes the lengths to which tobacco companies go to get teenagers to smoke, including promoting smoking in PG-13 rated movies.

The spot opens at the end of a viewer’s favorite movie, with the cast credits rolling up the screen. Instead of famous actors, the viewer sees a list of characters that have smoked during the movie. After almost 20 seconds of credits, the spot concludes with a final slide: “Smoking in PG-13 movies has increased 50 percent. Tobacco companies can take credit for that. Target Market.”

Target Market is part of the Minnesota Young Tobacco Prevention Initiative funded by Minnesota’s Youth Tobacco Endowment, which was created with nearly 8 percent of the state’s tobacco lawsuit settlement.