Anheuser-Busch Bows Bacardi Silver Raz

CHICAGO Anheuser-Busch this week launches a new malternative Bacardi Silver Raz, a raspberry premium malt beverage backed by a new advertising campaign.

Media, promotional items and merchandising materials with lifestyle images, executives from the St. Louis brewer said, will support the beverage introduction. Media support also includes television advertising and custom point-of-sale displays. Television ads will appear primarily on late-night programming created by Momentum Agency in St. Louis.

Media spending on the introduction was not disclosed.

The bottle’s label features the Bacardi Silver Raz logo that shows a large red letter “R” and the signature Bacardi bat trademark, along with the words “premium malt beverage with the natural flavor of raspberry.”

Bacardi Silver Raz contains 5 percent alcohol and will be priced on par with Bacardi Silver and Bacardi Silver O3.