And Bonus For All

The good times were rolling last week at the Blue Cat in Boston, where every Gearon Hoffman employee received a beer and a bonus–the agency’s quarterly bonus.
“It’s just a way of getting everyone to realize that we are not creative against account management or media against production. We’re all for one and one for all,” said Bob Hoffman, president of the Boston shop. “It’s a good way to build team attitude.”
Promotions were flowing as freely as the dollars: Several account executives were given new titles and Scott Lainer was named associate creative director.
Lainer, a onetime employee at Boston-based Ingalls, had worked as a freelancer in Los Angeles before joining Gearon Hoffman last year. During his West Coast tour, he completed a TV writing fellowship at Disney-owned Touchstone Pictures.
Gearon Hoffman’s recent event was designed in part to encourage employees to think about the business of advertising, Hoffman said. “Jack Connors said everybody dwells on the word ‘advertisement’ but forgets the other side of the coin: business. We’re trying to get everyone to think in a businesslike way.”
–Sarah Jones