American Legacy “Tough Love”

The singin’ and dancin’ anti-smoking campaign from the American Legacy Foundation (by Arnold and Crispin, Porter + Bogusky) reminds me of the segments on Whose Line Is It Anyway when the cast members had to create off-the-cuff showtune-style routines. The results were usually more ordinary than awesome — and the same goes for Legacy’s musical forays.

The latest commercial, “Tough Love,” is neither better nor worse than earlier entries in the cycle. This ad isn’t awful by any measure. It’s just easily ignored, fading into the background like Muzak. Even elements that probably should juice things up — animated cupids, some performers in wheelchairs and others hooked up to respirators — make little impression.

This “show” seems tired, the tune a tad flat. It’s time to bring down the curtain and move onto the next act. –David Gianatasio