American Healthcare Taps Media Solutions

ATLANTA Media Solutions has added American Healthcare to its client roster, the agency said.

The client, here, is the holding company for a string of doctor-owned franchises doing business as Personal Image Center for Cosmetic Surgery. Florida franchises are located in Miami, Ft. Lauderdale and Tampa. Others have opened this year in Raleigh, N.C., and Westport, Conn.

Creative, limited to print ads and direct TV commercials, is handled in-house. Billings were undisclosed.

Media Solutions, in Atlanta added buying chores following the completion of a planning project, said Bubba Cooper, shop vp, director of client services. Plans call for TV on network affiliates and cable channels, radio and newspapers.

Because responses to direct TV ads are easy to track, Cooper said, buyers are constantly tweaking their plans. The demographics in each market differ, as do the number of qualified leads—that is, people who can afford the surgery, he said. While a program such as Divorce Court generates a heavy response, he said, relatively few callers are able to commit.

Cooper said afternoon talk shows like Oprah and Dr. Phil typically generate the highest number of good leads, but that shows such as Extreme Makeover, which he thought would yield good response, did not.

“You’d think it was an ideal venue, but it’s expensive and didn’t generate the volume,” he said. “Nor did it compare well lead by lead.”

On the other hand, he said, the “judge” shows, like Judge Judy, do well in South Florida, while in Raleigh, morning shows and afternoon talk shows fare better.

“We’re constantly reading and reacting to the schedule,” said Cooper. “In two months, we’ve put together five revisions.”