Ally “Interview”

Who loves their bank so much they just can’t help talking about it? I hate my bank so much I can’t stop talking about what blood-sucking thieves they are. But Ally’s talking love here, not hate. In this intro spot from the bank’s latest campaign, a man on a job interview is asked, “What makes Peter, Peter?” It seems Peter defines himself not only by his affinity for canning but the love he feels for his “Raise your rate CD.” The interviewer must be hard of hearing or he just screwing with the job candidate, because we are then treated to a few of his misinterpretations, including: “You spent 8 days lost at sea?” These are mildly amusing, but the spot doesn’t share the end of the meeting, instead a final voiceover asks, “Do you love your bank?” I’m not sure how this series will play out. So far, it doesn’t seem to offer anything as memorable as the bank’s previous advertising, which featured kids’ candid responses when exposed to the unfair customer treatment of rival banks.