Alloy Design Launches Playtex Promotion

NEW YORK — Alloy Design, the marketing and media division of 360 Youth, has developed an online summer promotion for Playtex designed to allay teen girls’ worries about wearing a bikini during their periods.

Called “AJ’s Beach Madness Game,” the effort lets teenagers guide fictional character, Amanda James, on her surf board as she rides the waves. It also features beach bag essentials highlighting Playtex products and e-cards that invite friends play the game.

The program, which aims to drive trust, loyalty and product trial for the brand, can be found at the Amanda James Web site ( The site, created by 360 Youth in January, is meant to serve as a place for teen girls to learn about health and body issues through Amanda James, a virtual “older sister.”

“The goal is to ingratiate the brand with the consumer when they are at a critical age when they are developing brand loyalties,” said Samantha Skey, 360 Youth vp of convergence marketing, adding that the target audience is 12- to 17-year-old girls. “It’s a somewhat uncomfortable topic and we’ve created a context for them that’s comfortable.”

The Web site and promotion is being marketed through in-school advertising and 360 Youth properties, including and Alloy’s catalog. The budget was undisclosed.