Allied Treats for TLP

TLP has been assigned all media planning, buying and merchandising support for Allied Domecq’s restaurant brands.
The one-year deal is worth $4 million and calls for TLP of Dallas to provide field marketing support to Allied’s national agencies, Hill, Hol-
liday, Connors, Cosmopulos, Boston, and Deutsch, New York.
Allied, based in Chicago, is the parent of Dunkin’ Donuts, Baskin-Robbins and Togo’s.
No review was involved in the assignment, according to TLP partner and director of media services Kim Kohler.
“We’ve been working with them for several months before things were formalized with this announcement,” Kohler said. “We had some contacts there; they knew of our work and we began to talk about what we could do for them in local markets.”
Both Hill, Holliday and Deutsch previously handled media-buying duties for the Allied brands.
Said Kohler, “[Allied] was looking for a single-minded promotion resource in specific geographies. It’s nothing against those agencies; they are just taking a different approach.”
Media placement will take place through SpotsPlus, a former TLP unit that operates independently and services a number of Omnicom companies in the region. SpotsPlus has grown significantly from an internal group to an operation that will place $300 million in media buys this year. “We work hand-in-hand; it’s a very, very tight partnership,” said Kohler.
Concerning additional Allied business, Kohler said nothing “implied or expressed” has been said about future growth. If more work is assigned, “that would be wonderful,” he said.