Allianz Life ‘Diversifies’ Portfolio

CHICAGO Allianz Life Insurance Co. has hired former JPMorgan Chase executive Baron Carr to lead its multicultural marketing efforts.

In the new position, Carr will develop new programs and marketing tools to diversify the Minneapolis company’s distribution network as well as diversifying the company’s workplace through recruiting, education and training programs. He will report to Allianz svp of strategic development Vince Vitiello.

“Creating awareness with our customers and employees is going to be a critical component to the success of this important initiative,” Carr said in a statement. “I’m proud to work for a company that recognizes the value of a multicultural environment.”

Prior to joining the company, Carr was vp of emerging markets and product development for JPMorgan Chase’s automotive finance division in metropolitan New York. During his nine years at the client, Carr developed diversity and community affairs plans and directed the multicultural advertising campaign for the bank’s corporate advertising group.