All You Need Is Luvs

NEW YORK Too bad a great song is wasted on an average diaper commercial. A new Luvs campaign rides on the Beatles classic “All You Need Is Love,” cribbing the line for its new tag, “All you need is Luvs.” I cringed when Target punned the Fab Four in its “Hello, Goodbuy” effort, but this seems even more misspent to me—at least so far. It would be more palatable if the first spot from this new campaign from Saatchi & Saatchi made the most of the tune. Instead, just backing an expected living room family scene, the ad could use any up-tempo song really. Baby trots along looking cute it in a diaper and wrestles a stuffed teddy bear. Awwww! The point is to introduce the new Bear Hug Stretch feature of the diaper. The use of the Beatles to do so, however, seems the biggest stretch of all.