Agency Moves In New Circles

If your agency changed its name to Zero Base and adopted a nifty new “circle Z” logo, you might buy a billboard to announce the change. If you’re in central Ohio, you might instead opt for a crop circle, as the Dublin, Ohio, agency in question did.
It took three people seven and a half hours to stomp just the right amount of wheat to carve the Zero Base logo (shown here), 180 feet across, in a friendly farmer’s field.
Agency partner Alan Bumpus, whose idea it was to create the crop circle, called the finished work “simple and elegant and beautiful.”
Using “just mathematics, some stakes, string and a tape measure” to construct the design, Bumpus said it varies no more than 6 inches from a perfect circle at any point.
Bumpus used a hefty piece of lumber to carefully bend the wheat stalks. “It’s only bendable when it’s ripe, and that’s when it’s right for harvesting, so timing is critical,” Bumpus said.
The agency paid the farmer for the wheat it bent out of shape. The circle lasted for a week, until it was harvest time. -Scott Hume