A&G Returns to Iceland

Agency Awarded Overseas Investment Bank
BOSTON–Straddling the fjords once again to pick up new business, Allen & Gerritsen has been assigned ad duties for FBA in Reykjavik, Iceland.
Formed this year after a merger of four investment credit funds, FBA is owned by the Republic of Iceland and provides large and midsized companies with a wide range of financial services.
The work, slated to break early next year, is expected to include TV and print efforts in Iceland, Sweden, Norway, Finland and possibly the U.K., said Mick O’Brien, creative director of Allen & Gerritsen. Spending will likely be in the low seven figures.
The Watertown, Mass., agency has been charged with creating “a brand for the new entity while fending off strong competition from large commercial banks,” said FBA marketing director Hulda Styrmisdottir.
“Our work with them centers on building a global brand and developing communications programs that reflect the sensibilities of the local regions” the client serves, said agency president Paul Allen.
FBA became aware of Allen & Gerritsen through the shop’s work for Glacier Tours in Hornafjordur, Iceland. That campaign promotes arctic adventure tours and includes print ads and posters with striking photos of glaciers, ice mountains and frozen seas [Adweek, April 13].
After seeing a news report on Icelandic television about the campaign’s success, Styrmisdottir sent an e-mail to Allen & Gerritsen that lead to a regular correspondence.
The distance between the agency and client is not an issue, O’Brien said, adding that it only takes about four hours to fly from the U.S. to Iceland.