A&G Backs Ben Hogan Golf Balls, Clubs

NEW YORK A 30-second television spot from Spalding Sports Worldwide touts the Ben Hogan Apex Tour ball by warning, “Something contagious is going around.”

The commercial features pro golfers, including Colin Montgomerie, Bernhard Langer, Hal Sutton and Mark Brooks, who recount their product experiences with dialogue such as, “I gave it to Monty” and “I caught it at the range.” The “it” is ultimately revealed to be the Apex ball. The tagline, “You’ve never played a ball like this,” is retained from past campaigns.

A separate print push for the Chicopee, Mass., client’s Ben Hogan putters uses a similar line (“You’ve never played a putter like this”) and shows craftsman Bob Bettinardi, who signed a deal earlier this year to fashion clubs for the client.

TV is running during tournament coverage and related events, with print appearing in golf weeklies. Allen & Gerritsen, Watertown, Mass., handles the account, which is budgeted around $20 million annually.