After Hours With Old Spice Red Zone

NEW YORK Old Spice introduced a new After Hours scent to its Red Zone line of deodorant products last week with a campaign created by Saatchi & Saatchi here that promises “smell great longer, stay out later.”

In one spot for the body spray, a dating couple lingers at the front door after a night on the town. As they begin to kiss goodnight, a newspaper whacks the guy in the head. A wide shot reveals it is daybreak, and a newspaper boy is making his rounds.

The tagline is superimposed over the action as a neon sign.

Another spot shows a doorman greeting residents “Good morning” as they exit an apartment building. One woman pauses as the doorman wishes a handsome man on the way in a good night. Intrigued, she stops and turns around.

The ads target 18- to 26-year-old males.

“We wanted to find a nice slice of these guys lives and add a little twist to show they are enjoying the after hours,” said copywriter Josh Schildkraut, who worked on the effort with art director Danielle Thornton. “When most of us are starting our days, these guys—pretty much because of the product—are ending their days because they are out all night having fun.”

A spot for the body wash shows just how a young man getting ready for his evening can stay out all night without his parents noticing. After his shower, he uses his shirt, sneakers and a bowling pin to create a make-shift dummy to take his place in bed. The tagline: “Smell clean long, stay out late.”

Print ads breaking in September issues of national magazines feature images of neon signs, with lines such as “Say goodnight over brunch” and “Come home clean if you come home.”