Adworks Relates Medical Success Stories

ATLANTA Adworks recently launched its latest television spots for Virginia Hospital Center that feature the real experiences of patients and doctors.

The Washington, D.C., agency said the objective of this third phase of its campaign for the client is to show that VHC is a leading medical center. Three 30-second commercials relate how resident physicians saved the lives of patients with specialized treatments, some of which have been successfully performed only at VHC, according to the shop.

“Felicia” presents a woman recounting her experience as a patient at VHC. She was diagnosed with menorrhagia, a condition that is usually treated by a hysterectomy. The doctors at VHC also appear, explaining how they used a specialized procedure to treat Felicia, who is now fully recovered.

Two more spots, “DeWitt” and “Dorothy,” are based on the same premise, with patients suffering from heart disease and stomach lesions, respectively. Physicians give their testimonies and the patients are shown enjoying daily activities such as car racing and brisk walks.

The ads give rather explicit descriptions of each patient’s illness and the procedure performed to correct each. Images of X-rays and black-and-white footage of the doctors operating also lend “reality” of the spots.

Adworks partner and creative director Mark Greenspun said that the goal of these commercials is to make the general public aware of the cutting-edge medicine that is being practiced at VHC. “The campaign is succeeding at changing public perception by showing the types of advanced methods used at VHC to treat a variety of medical conditions,” he said. “We’re not afraid to show the process because the procedures are what the doctors do.”

Adworks’ initial work for VHC began when the facility changed its name from Arlington Hospital in 2002. Current campaign spending was not disclosed.