Adworks Is A Fit For Clothier

Today’s Man Moves $9 Mil. Account to D.C. Agency
ATLANTA–After a series of discussions with the client over a two-month period, Adworks in Washington, D.C., has secured the estimated $9 million advertising account of Today’s Man.
The Morristown, N.J.-based company’s advertising account has been with New York’s Hampel Stefanides. The new agency, which will work with the client’s in-house ad department, will not handle media placements.
According to Rick Hindin, president of Adworks, the account was never placed into review, though the client said it was splitting with Hampel at the time talks began with the D.C. agency.
“They called us,” Hindin said. “They were familiar with our retail expertise, my background in the business [founder of Britches of Georgetown, which he sold in the late 1980s] and our creative reputation.”
The client operates 25 menswear stores in New York, Philadelphia and Washington, offering tailored clothing, accessories and sportswear. Its clothing is sold at 30-40 percent below regular retail prices in stores with 20,000 square feet of selling space. The company emerged from Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection at the end of 1997.
“They have corrected some things and are a strong company,” Hindin said.
He said the main thrust of the agency’s positioning work will be to bring the company’s image into sharper focus among consumers.
“When I looked at what they were doing, I was blown away by their value and the fact they weren’t getting the proper credit in the marketplace,” Hindin said. “Their quality is much higher than people think it is, and their value is very underestimated.”
He added that a second facet of the message would be communicating the wide selection of clothes available at Today’s Man.
The media mix for the account is expected to lean heavily toward television, as much as a 70-30 ratio in terms of broadcast vs. print. Adworks’ first major campaign will break this September, followed by another push before the end of the year.