’s Top 10 Advertising Stories of 2014

Here are the 10 most-read advertising and branding stories (not including AdFreak) published on in 2014:


Ikea Hilariously Pitches Its 2015 Catalog as the Coolest Gadget Ever

By Tim Nudd
Is print really dying? Not according to Ikea, which has good reason to still believe in dead trees. After all, the company prints around 200 million copies of its catalog every year in 27 languages for 38 countries. That's more than twice the number of bibles produced in a given year. Read the full story.


Subaru’s Road-Tripping Dogs Are Cute, Funny and Almost Human

By Emma Bazilian
Chances are you've already got an idea of what the typical Subaru owner looks like: They enjoy L.L. Bean, buying granola at Whole Foods and being very involved in their kid's soccer team. And they probably have a couple of big, slobbery dogs in the backseat. Read the full story.


Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul Reunite in Audi’s Hilarious Emmys Promo

By Tim Nudd
Aaron Paul was just going on about how he misses playing Jesse Pinkman. Well, he gets a bit of a Breaking Bad fix here by reuniting with Bryan Cranston for this amusing comedic short from Audi for next Monday's Emmy Awards. Read the full story.


Jeff Gordon, PepsiMAX Get Revenge on Writer Who Said ‘Test Drive’ Was Fake

By Tim Nudd
PepsiMAX had an enormous viral hit last year with its "Test Drive" video, in which Jeff Gordon, in disguise, took a car salesman for the most terrifying ride of his life. With more than 40 million views, the spot was an unquestioned success. The only problem? A vocal minority complained that the stunt had been faked. Read the full story.


Coke Designs a Friendly Bottle That Can Only Be Opened by Another Bottle

By Kristina Monllos
No one is better than Coca-Cola at having all of its communications, down to the very packaging, embody the brand promise of happiness and sharing. Read the full story.


Inspirational Makeup Ads Reveal Rather Than Conceal the Women’s True Selves

By Tim Nudd
Makeup ads have a hard time being authentically inspiring, complicated as they are by issues of vanity and manufactured beauty. But Dermablend Professional is different. Read the full story.


Budweiser Set to Charm the World With Its ‘Puppy Love’ Super Bowl Ad

By Tim Nudd
We hadn't seen any major breakout hits among the 2014 Super Bowl teasers and full ads this week. But this 60-second Budweiser spot from Anomaly, released Wednesday morning, is destined for great things. Read the full story.


Guinness Has Made the Only Ad You Need to See This Fourth of July

By Tim Nudd
Guinness is on a roll globally with its "Made of More" advertising. Now, for the Fourth of July, the brand has released the latest installment of the campaign in the U.S.—this lovely, quietly patriotic spot called "Empty Chair." Read the full story.


Peyton Manning and Cam Newton Prank Store Customers for Gatorade

By Tim Nudd
Gatorade must think its customer base is too big, as the brand's new ad campaign from TBWA\Chiat\Day shows people in a convenience store being denied the sports beverage unless they're actively sweating. Read the full story.


Gatorade’s Epic Farewell to Derek Jeter Will Be Tough to Beat

By Michael McCarthy
Gatorade hits it out of the park with this epic 90-second salute to New York Yankees superstar Derek Jeter. Read the full story.