Addy Changes in the Pipeline

WASHINGTON – After a long weekend of parties, seminars and visits to key Capitol Hill staffers, the most immediate effect of the American Advertising Federation Conference is on the Addys. Local Addy entries will be charged a one-time fee that will entitle winners to advance to district and national competitions at no additional charge. ‘The increase will probably stay less than $5 if a club has 800 or more entries,’ said Chic Davis, chairman of the National Addy Committee. Clubs still have other adjustments to make before the automatic advancement becomes seamless, Davis said. ‘We hope that every club will call their awards an Addy and a Citation of Excellence,’ he said. Eventually, said Wally Snyder, AAF president, ‘there will be one entry fee, and then winners will automatically go up. That’s really going to help us a lot. We have turned a major corner,’ he added.
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