Adding 4 Clients, More Of 3M Lead To New Name, Stronger Fellers I.D.

A fall rush of new business has earned Fellers Marketing and Advertising, a five-office network based in Austin, Texas, four new clients and added assignments from 3M to boost billings by $7 million, according to the company.
The growth led not only to a pair of relocations to larger offices last month, but propelled a name change from Fellers & Co. to solidify the company’s identity since the merger that formed it more than a year ago.
“It’s more of an attitude change than a name change,” said company president Bill Holland. “But we do want to press the marketing aspect, because we’re adding people and skills that are pushing us more into that integrated marketing area.”
Holland said the new business, along with previous accounts added since the June 1996 merger of Austin-based Fellers & Co. and HM&C out of Lubbock and Amarillo, Texas, has ballooned billings to a year-end projection of $44 million across all five offices in Oklahoma City, Austin, Houston, Lubbock and Amarillo.
Topping the list of new business is what Holland termed a “multi-million dollar” account from Austin client 3M Telecom Systems.
Holland said the roster activity necessitated the hiring of 14 new staffers among the offices, along with a move to larger facilities in Houston and Oklahoma City.
New clients include Stratfor Software of Austin, Koch Industries in Houston, surgical weight-loss program New Reflections in Lubbock and an undisclosed Southeast-based heavy equipment manufacturer and distributor.
The consolidation of the five offices has not ended categories of specialization at each location, Holland said, noting the manufacturing clients served in Oklahoma City, energy accounts in Houston and the healthcare and high-tech industry work in Austin. The Amarillo and Lubbock offices, struck hard last year by a $1.5 million account loss in a Southwestern Bell Mobile Systems consolidation, have maintained a strength in consumer work, according to Holland.