Addicted To Home-Making

Tierney & Partners’ first TV spot for the Partnership for a Drug-Free America takes the perspective of a suburban housewife on a typical day.
“Ellen” walks through a park, shops for clothing, buys meat from a butcher and visits a flower shop.
Everything seems hunky-dory, right down to the smiles on the faces she sees–until they speak.
“Want to smoke a joint before trying this on?” says a dress shop clerk. “Hey Ellen, want a hit?” offers a woman in the park. “You want to get high?” asks the butcher. “I’ve got some great Thai stick in the back.”
The 30-second spot ends with white type on a black screen: “Now you know what a 13-year-old’s day can be like Talk to your kids about marijuana.”
The strategy was to “get away from scare tactics” and reach parents in their own backyard, said Rich Russo, chief creative officer at the Philadelphia shop.
“Typical Day” will break nationally in the fall. –Andrew McMains