Adams Goes Straight

Temerlin McClain premiered the second round of an advertising campaign for new client Adams Golf over the weekend.
In a television commercial titled “Zig Zag,” the camera takes an aerial view of a golfer trekking back and forth across the links. The spot’s voiceover then intones, “Because the average golf course is 6500 yards, while the average golfer plays more like 8500 yards, straighter is better.”
The voiceover and a final endorsement shot belong to Nick Faldo, a member of the PGA Tour and a six-time winner of major golf tournaments.
The spot further develops the theme, which debuted in initial ads last month. Beginning with a shot of the flag, the camera veers into the trees beyond the fairway. The voiceover says, “Because the pin is rarely located 20 yards out in the rough, straighter is better.”
Both ads move away slightly from Adams’ previous technology-focused marketing approach, which carried a “Leading by design” tagline. Said Glenn Geller, Temerlin’s director of planning and research, “We looked at all the advertising out there and everyone was talking about longer drives, new metals, new technology. Everybody looked the same.
“Our research uncovered a little nugget,” he continued, “If you hit the ball straighter, you’re going to have a lot better game. No one has focused on that before.”
Irving, Texas-based Temerlin McClain won the account of Adams Golf in Plano, Texas, following a review last year.