Ad of the Day: Wheat Thins

Brian and Stewie from 'Family Guy' argue over the snack food's name

For its latest spot from ad agency Being in New York, Wheat Thins has enlisted a famous pair of spokes-cartoons: Brian and Stewie from Family Guy. And since Wheat Thins' current slogan is "Do what you do" (don't ask me how that's supposed to sell crunchy wheat snacks), this commercial shows the highly verbal baby and his disgruntled canine companion doing what they do best—which is, of course, fighting.

In this case, they're fighting over Stewie's bizarre pronunciation of "wheat." Stewie asks Brian for some of his Wheat Thins, placing a rather heavy emphasis on the "h," which launches a line-for-line rehash of Family Guy's notorious "Cool Whip" debate—as any fan of the show will immediately note. (Although, as Family Guy jokes go, you don't have to be much of a fan to recognize this one, which I can attest to as someone who has seen maybe a handful of episodes. And that was more than enough.)

In the end, our pair manage to unite against a common enemy: Stewie's moronic father, Peter, who requests to be in the commercial—Family Guy is really meta, you guys!—before being shot down because this is Stewie and Brian's "thing." It's touching, really.


Client: Wheat Thins

Title: "WHheat Thins: Family Guy"

Agency: Being, New York

Creative Directors: Lisa Topol, Samira Ansari

Art Directors: Mitchell Ratchik, Jelani Curtis

Copywriters: William Burks Spencer, Christopher Stephens

Executive Producer: David Fisher

Producer: Dwight Clifford

Business Affairs Director: Samantha Norvin

Senior Talent Manager: Brian Enright

Group Account Director: Caroline Winterton

Account Director: Kim Tice

Account Manager: Catherine Sweeny

Project Manager: Tanya Woods

Editing Company: Chop Shop

Editor: Daniel de Winter


Trademark Licensor: Fox Entertainment Group / Twentieth Century Fox Film Corp.

Production Company: Fox Television Animation

Executive Producers: Seth MacFarlane, Kara Vallow

Producers: Kim Fertman, Shannon Smith

Production Manager: Brent Crowe

Associate Producer: Charles Song

Production Coordinator: Leslie Rider

Director: Brian Iles

Voices: Seth MacFarlane

Editor: Eric Brown

Production Mixer: Patrick Clark

Sheet Timer: Younghee Higa

Animatic Operator: Rob Schulbaum

Compositing Supervisor: Tania Francisco


"Hair Pie": written and performed by Ron Jones

Trademark Licensor: Fox Film Music Corp. / Twentieth Century Fox Film Corp.

Talent Procurement:

Senior Director, Talent Procurement: Kristen Hellwig

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