Ad of the Day: Southern Comfort Gets You Buzzed for Shark Week

Because we're only two days in and you're already tired of hearing about it

It’s Shark Week again. But you already knew that, didn’t you? You’ve seen it mentioned every 30 seconds in your Twitter feed. At least one-quarter of your Facebook friends have been posting incessantly about how psyched they are about it. Every news site on the Internet (including this one, natch) has posted at least a dozen stories alerting you to everything from its marketing potential to the dubiousness of its “documentaries” (fun fact: the 35-foot-long “submarine shark” is not real). There’s a man with a megaphone on your street corner yelling “Shark Week!” at the top of his lungs, 24 hours a day.

By now, you might be wondering what all of this has to do with a Southern Comfort spot. Well, it seems that SoCo has too fallen prey to shark fever (which is not an actual illness, but is the title of a Baywatch episode), as evidenced by latest installment in the brand’s super-weird-but-kind-of-great “Whatever’s Comfortable” campaign from Wieden + Kennedy in New York.

The new spot, titled “Shark” (yep), features the campaign’s first female lead. Dressed in an aggressively acid-washed denim jacket, she sits alone at a jazz club, tapping her finger along to the beat. Upon further inspection, we discover that her talon-like nails are decorated with expertly airbrushed sharks’ jaws, which she uses to slowly stir her drink before piercing the maraschino cherry at the bottom of the glass like a bloody piece of prey and depositing it into her own gaping maw.

In case you're still not feeling Shark Week-ed out, Southern Comfort is also adding a shark-based social digital layer to the campaign. The brand has apparently “adopted” a shark, which it has dubbed The Sharktender. Starting tomorrow, will track his whereabouts while also offering “location-based drink recommendations.” Yeah, it's sort of ridiculous, but if you’re going to sit through four hours of “Zombie Sharks” and “Air Jaws: Fin of Fury” on Discovery, you’re probably better off plastered.


Client: Brown-Forman

Spot: “Shark”

Agency: Wieden + Kennedy, New York

Executive Creative Director: Susan Hoffman

Creative Directors: Jimm Lasser, Caleb Jensen

Creatives: Laddie Peterson, Jeff Dryer

Producer: Orlee Tatarka

Head of Content Production: Nick Setounski

Account Team: Toby Hussey, Katie Hoak

Production Company: Biscuit Filmworks

Director: Steve Rogers

Executive Producer: Holly Vega

Managing Director: Shawn Lacy

Line Producer: Kathy Rhodes

Director of Photography: Benoit Delhomme

Editing Company: Mackenzie Cutler

Editor: Gavin Cutler

Assistant Editor: Ryan Steele

Post Executive Producer: Sasha Hirschfeld

Visual Effects Company: The Mill

Visual Effects Senior Producers: Orlaith Finucane, Aleen Kim

Flame Artist, Creative Director: Jade Kim (Lead), Margolit Steiner

Computer Graphics Artist: Laurent Giaume

Song: "Little Red Riding Hood"

Artists: Bushwalla (Lead Vocals), Sallie Ford (Background Vocals), Graeme Gibson, Sallie Ford (Instrumentals)

Music Company: Walker

Mix Company: Sonic Union

Mixer: Steve Rosen


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