Ad of the Day: McDonald’s

DDB commiserates with those who'll have to stay up late to watch the London Olympics

The time difference with London will be exhausting and exasperating for people in some parts of the world as they try to watch the Olympic Games this summer. But instead of whining about it, DDB New Zealand saw a chance for a fun McDonald's spot.

The ad, posted below, is running in 90-, 45- and 30-second versions in Australia and New Zealand, and features a cat-and-mouse game between a father and son as the boy tries to stay up and watch the Olympic action through the night. His efforts become more and more furtive, but Dad keeps up with him every step of the way. At the end, of course, there's a twist—and McDonald's helps father and son come to a resolution. In a nice touch at the end, the fast-food chain—an official Olympic partner—claims another title with a playful end line: "Proud supporters of everyone staying up."

It's a well-crafted, quiet spot with strong performances from the actors, all built around the kind of human moments that McDonald's consistently strives to present. The product tie-in is a little weak, and not just because eating a bag of fries is a fairly anti-athletic activity. It just feels a little tacked on. For more of a real-world punch, McDonald's should at least consider extending its overnight drive-through hours during the Olympics.


Agency: DDB, New Zealand

Executive Creative Director: Andy Fackrell

Creative Director: Jordan Sky

Art Directors, Copywriters: Pete Gosselin, Jay Hunt

Head of Television: Judy Thompson

Agency Producer: Kim Baldwinson

Group Business Director: Zoe Alden

Business Directors: Karla Fisher, Carly Pratt

Production Company: Revolver

Director: Steve Rogers

Executive Producer: Michael Ritchie

Producer: Pip Smart

Director of Photography, Cinematographer: John Toon

Production Designer: Bruce Everard

Editor: Alexandre De Franceschi at Guillotine

Postproduction: Fuel VFX

Music: Peter Van de Fluit at Liquid Studios

Sound Design: Craig Matushka at Liquid Studios

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