Ad of the Day: JetBlue and Coke Bring Their Feel-Good Brands Together for NYC Stunt

Share a Coke, and get a very special surprise

Headshot of Tim Nudd

JetBlue and Coca-Cola liked the looks of each other enough to try a stunt together in Penn Station recently, where they teamed up to bend the general rule of NYC transit hubs that you don't accept gifts from strangers.

Rokkan worked on the project with production company North of New York and director Tucker Bliss. It involved rigging up a vending machine to spit out two Cokes—and then prompting the recipient to share one with a passerby. New Yorkers' famous distrust of each other surely made for some interesting cutting-room-floor footage, but they did get at least two minutes of usable stuff—where the sharing was actually appreciated by the passerby.

And for those brave enough to do the doling out (to "share a Coke with humanity," in a combining of company taglines), there was an even more special surprise awaiting them from JetBlue employees hiding nearby.

Check out the whole stunt below.


Client: JetBlue Airways

Client: Coca-Cola North America

Agency: Rokkan

Production Company: North of New York

Director: Tucker Bliss

@nudd Tim Nudd is a former creative editor of Adweek.