Ad of the Day: Grey Goose’s François Thibault Is Vindicated in WPP’s ‘Fly Beyond’ Campaign

France's change of heart

Making vodka in wine and cognac country? Mais non!

Or actually, mais oui!

Grey Goose vodka today launches a new global campaign from Team WPP's Paris and New York offices. And its 90-second launch spot stars an unlikely hero—François Thibault, the man who developed the recipe for Grey Goose, and who was apparently rewarded for this achievement by being shunned for years by the French people. Eventually, though, they come around, according to the ad—but only after New Yorkers help turn the vodka into a best-seller.

The spot, directed by Danish director Nicolas Winding Refn (Only God Forgives, Drive), launches an integrated campaign themed "Fly Beyond"—an aspirational take on the brand's goose mascot. It will lean heavily on out-of-home and social aspects. This Thursday, digital billboards across the U.S. will be synchronized to create the illusion of geese flying through city centers. Also, a three-story digital storefront in New York's SoHo neighborhood will host branded events, and a pop-up boulangerie in the West Village will serve pastries made from the same soft winter wheat used to create Grey Goose. Behind the boulangerie is a private space set up like a vintage speakeasy for other branded events.

Finally, the campaign will include a digital Instagram billboard in Times Square that will go live next Monday. People who post photos to Instagram with the hashtag #FlyBeyond will have a chance to have their photos posted to the billboard—and Clear Channel will extend the experience by taking photos of the billboard and sending users pics of their image when it's featured.


Client: Grey Goose

Agency: Team WPP, Paris and New York

Director: Nicolas Winding Refn

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