Ad of the Day: Gatorade

Big dreams bring bad dreams for Kevin Durant and Dwyane Wade

OK, so does everyone watch Game of Thrones? You all do, right? You know how Ned has those horrible nightmares about things that actually happen in the first season? This is kind of what happens to Kevin Durant and Dwyane Wade, who both have horrible, horrible dreams about Gatorade.

Wait, no, they have horrible dreams about what happens when you don't drink Gatorade.

Point is, Gatorade and G1 series chews give you terrible, terrible nightmares.

Here's my question: Does Wade's dream include Kevin Durant's dream and his training regimen? Because if so, I want to know what happens when, I dunno, Chris Paul wakes up screaming, having dreamed both Wade and Durant's dreams and goes to his fridge and gets out a bottle of … POWERADE.

Too serious a twist, probably.

This is a clever ad. It's actually kind of bleak if you stop to think about it too hard, as I clearly have. Are these two men locked in an infinitely iterating dream battle? Will either ever emerge victorious? It's the Inception of salty-fruit-punch commercials.

Speaking of Paul, man, these basketball guys do a lot of commercials, right? It took me a few minutes to actually notice, but wow, MJZ director Rupert Sanders and agency TBWA\Chiat\Day have done an incredible job staging a basketball game in this spot. The training montage is kind of vanilla, but the game is top-notch, and the music couldn't be better. Also, this one will air well internationally—doesn't require a single line of dialogue.

And that's good, because you know what Americans are not thinking about right now? Professional basketball.


Client: Gatorade

Agency: TBWA\Chiat\Day

Chief Creative Officer: John Norman

Global Group Creative Director: Brent Anderson

Global Creative Director: Jayanta Jenkins

Associate Creative Director/Writer: Gustavo Sarkis

Associate Creative Director/Art Director: Renato Fernandez

Associate Creative Director/Art Director: Guto Araki

Executive Producer: Sarah Patterson

Producer: Katie Lambrecht

Assistant Producer: Garrison Askew

Executive Project Manager: Karen Thomas

Managing Director: Nick Drake

Group Account Director: Blake Crosbie

Global Account Director: Caroline Britt

Management Supervisor: Magdalena Huber

Global Management Supervisor: Chris Crockett

Account Supervisor: Kyle Webster

Global Account Supervisor: Catherine Fishback

Account Executive: Robyn Baker

Sports Marketing: Lexi Vonderlieth

Sports Marketing: Brynn Cameron

Group Planning Director: Scott MacMaster

Planning Director: Martin Ramos

Planner: Rebecca Harris

Junior Planner: Katie Acosta

Junior Planner: Matt Bataclan

Director of Business Affairs: Linda Daubson

Senior Business Affairs Manager: KK Davis

Talent Payment Manager: Vanessa Aniles

Traffic Manager: Jerry Neill

Production Company: MJZ

Director: Rupert Sanders

President: David Zander

Executive Producer: Kate Leahy

Producer: Laurie Boccaccio

Editorial: Rock Paper Scissors

Executive Producer: CL Weaver

Head of Production: Angela Dorian

Editor: Kirk Baxter

Post EFX: The Moving Picture Company

Executive Producer: Asher Edwards

Producer: Juliet Thierney

Supervisor: Paul O’Shea

Music: Amber Music

Original Composition

Composer: Eugene Cho

Executive Producer: Michelle Curran

Sound Studio: Lime Studios

Mixer: Rohan Young

Executive Producer: Jessica Locke

Sound Design: Barking Owl

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