Ad of the Day: Classic Film Characters Marvel Over Samsung’s Curved TV

Rian Johnson directs 72andSunny spot

It's one of the oldest, hoariest tricks in the book: using snippets of dialogue from films and TV shows out of context, so the characters appear to be surprised or impressed by something you're promoting—that cable movie marathon this weekend, or next week's DVD release.

Cheesy as it is, it still works, particularly when it's done well. And this Samsung spot—from 72andSunny, director Rian Johnson and Oscar winning cinematographer Claudio Miranda—certainly has its moments.

The ad, which broke Sunday during AMC's Mad Men, NBC's Women of SNL, Fox's Family Guy and other shows, features iconic scenes from movies like Back to the Future, Jurassic Park, Jaws, Field of Dreams and more—with the characters appearing to marvel over the beauty of Samsung's Curved UHD TV.

And lest you worry that it's only good for watching the classics, the ad throws in a screaming sheep, streamed online, for good measure. (The animal emotes better than Kevin Costner.)

"The Samsung Curved TV is just a beautiful object," says Johnson. "Beyond the quality of the picture, the industrial design of the TV—with its subtle curve—is really stunning when you see it up close in person. We were tasked with finding ways to show off the curve, but you really just need to point a camera at the TV and it pops off the screen."

The campaign will also include print, digital and out-of-home components, including billboards in New York and Los Angeles that will show larger-than-life curved TVs.


Client: Samsung

Agency: 72andSunny

Director: Rian Johnson

DP: Claudio Miranda

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