Ad of the Day: California Dairy

Deutsch LA brings back the talking cows for a family-focused campaign

There are things that would seem to transcend the need for advertising: sunshine, friendship, happiness … cheese. Because cheese is the best, right? If you don't enjoy cheese, there's probably something wrong with you. (And don't use that "lactose intolerant" excuse—you'd be eating cheese if you could.) But it turns out certain places want you to eat only their cheese (or ice cream, yogurt, milk, etc.), and they're willing to shell out for the win.

The latest installment in the so-called "dairy wars" comes from California, which has brought back its famous talking cows from Deutsch LA for a new campaign pushing the Real California Milk and Real California Cheese brands. Titled "Friends," the first new 30-second spot—directed by Fred Savage of Wonder Years fame—uses a loquacious cow to implore consumers to make California milk and cheese a part of their family.

It starts with a teen girl, who is busy eating her after-school snack of cheese and chocolate milk, and her mom, who is busy cutting up even more cheese—my god, these people love their lactose. When Mrs. Cheese asks about her daughter's rotating cast of love interests, the family's resident California cow (who must be worked to death, considering the amount of dairy this household consumes) spits out a tale of John and Jamie and "biffs" and boys and "supe-shady" goings-on. The tagline: "Make us part of your family."

Although it doesn't make much of a point about why California dairy products are better than all others, it's a pretty cute spot—because, you know, everyone loves a talking animal (the talking California cows have been around for more than a decade), and tween girls are annoying. Most important, it will really, really make you want cheese, if you're at all human. Your move, Wisconsin.


Client: California Milk Advisory Board

Vice President, Advertising: Michael Freeman

Agency: Deutsch LA

Chief Creative Officer: Mark Hunter

Group Creative Director: Karen Costello

Creative Director: Jeff Bossin

Creative Director: Scott Hidinger

Senior Copywriter: Melissa Langston-Wood

Senior Art Director: Sara Oakley

Director of Integrated Production: Vic Palumbo

Director of Broadcast Production: Victoria Guenier

Senior Producer: Dave Stephenson

Production Company: Uber Content

Director: Fred Savage

Partners, Executive Producers: Phyllis Koenig, Preston Lee

Executive Producer: Steve Wi

Producer: Mark Hall

Editorial Company: Cutters

Editor: Adam Parker

Assistant Editor: Kristin Gerhart

Producer: Sasha Grubor

Post: Company 3

Colorist: Mike Pethel

Visual Effects: Method

Visual Effects Supervisor: Gil Baron

Executive Producers: Robert Owens, Stephanie Gilgar

Producer: Pip Malone

Coordinator: Anastasia Von Rahl

2-D Supervisor, Nuke Artist: Chris Bankoff

Lead Flame Artist: Noah Caddis

Flame Artist: Matt Welch

Nuke Artist: Carlos Morales

Paint Artist: Pam Gonzales

3-D Lead: Calin Casian

Model: Scott Brust

Rigging: Marc Berrouet

Animation: Joon Lee, Aaron Schultz, James Parris

Lighting: Calin Casian, James Kirk

Texture: Josh Frontino, Frida Sahono-Jozwik

Tracking: Fabio Zapata, Lauren Van Houten, Tom Stanton, Luis Rodriguez, Juan Colon, Alex Tirasongkran

Roto: Kenneth Lui

Audio Post: Lime Studios

Mixer: Mark Meyuhas

Assistant Mixer: Matt Miller

Executive Producer: Jessica Locke

Additional Deutsch Credits:

Account Management Credits:

CEO: Mike Sheldon

Integrated Account Director: Adam Thomason

Integrated Account Executive: Jamie Friedman

Media Credits:

Schoenfeld & Partners

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