Ad of the Day: This Bug Spray Made Glorious Blood Portraits From Squashed Mosquitos

BBDO put on a whole exhibition, linked to blood donation

Cormac McCarthy gave us Blood Meridian. Jay Reatard gave us Blood Visions. And now BBDO Russia has given us the equally badass "Blood Portraits" to promote mosquito repellent Glorix.

The name, as it turns out, is literal. It refers to a sponsored exhibition of micro-portraits painted with blood spatters from actual smushed mosquitoes. I hope these painters were wearing gloves. If I had to change gloves multiple times a day when I was stacking produce at Whole Foods, they should probably have to wear those Devo radiation suits for touching random blood that was inside filthy mosquitos.

Aside from the obvious connection between using mosquito repellent and wanting the little bastards dead, the exhibition itself—which doubled as the launch party for the Glorix marketing campaign—emphasized that Glorix saves your blood by not letting the bugs at it. That led to a call for blood donations.

Trying to make all these connections with one specific visual element is tough, but the portraits put a face, small though it may be, on what can be abstract and distant concepts. And apparently the campaign worked, because BBDO Russia is throwing another blood donation event later this summer.

Is it too late to ask them to make T-shirts of those portraits? I want them to make T-shirts of those portraits.

Client: Glorix
Agency: BBDO Russia Group David Kiefaber is a frequent contributor to Adweek's creativity blog, AdFreak.