Ad of the Day: Bissell Cleans a Grimy Subway Floor, but That’s Not the Crazy Part

Down and dirty product demo

Ravi Dalchand really, really believes in his product.

The senior brand manager at Bissell Canada demonstrates the effectiveness of the new Bissell Symphony All-in-One hard floor cleaner (it vacuums and steams at the same time!) by using it to scrub the floor of a subway station in Toronto.

But then the stunt, devised by KBS+, gets even wilder. Check it out here:

The eww! factor is awfully high (in a way, it's reminiscent of Extended Stay Motels' notorious licking ad from 2008), although the subway stop doesn't look quite as dirty as some—and for good reason.

It turns out the video was filmed at Bay Lower Station, which has long been closed off to the public and is used primarily for training and filming movies, TV episodes and commercials. So, while Dalchand does eat off a genuine subway platform, which can't be hygienic under any circumstances, it's not quite the same as doing so in an in-service station.

Plus, as the Huffington Post points out, the onlookers were almost certainly actors who may well have been in on the gag.

Still, the core of the stunt is real, and certainly memorable—even if you have to take it with a grain of salt (and in this case, a dash of oregano and pepper as well).


Client: Bissell

Agency: KBS+, Toronto

Chief Creative Officers: Matt Hassell, Gary Watson

Creative Director: Raul Garcia

Art Directors: Jessica Toye, Raul Garcia

Copywriter: Alex Bird

Account Director: Hanh Vo

Account Executive: Megan Chown

Agency Producer: Margaret Callaghan

General Manager: Craig Emmerson

Senior Brand Manager: Ravi Delchand

Production Company: Circle

Executive Producer: Karen Tameanko

Director: Jeffrey Zablotny

Line Producers: Elizabeth Findlay, Amanda Field

Postproduction Company: Married to Giants

Executive Producer: Denise Shearer

Editor: Monica Remba

Assistant Editor: Alain Elliott

Online Artist: Trevor Corrigan

Online Assistant: Preeti Torul

Color, Visual Effects: Alter Ego

Colorist: Tricia Hagoriles

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