Ad of the Day: Aaron Rodgers Is Hounded by ‘Da Bears’ Fans for State Farm

It's brats vs. cheese with Robert Smigel and George Wendt

DDB Chicago's latest Aaron Rodgers ad for State Farm begs a timely question: Are Cheeseheads more hard-core football fans than Brateaters?

Both camps appear in the ad, which takes place on a plane. Rodgers, the star quarterback of the Green Bay Packers, finds himself awkwardly seated between "Bob" and "Carl," two characters from Saturday Night Live's "Da Bears" sketches from the 1990s. Reprising those respective roles are actor George Wendt and satirist Robert Smigel, right down to the fake mustaches, "Chee-cah-go" accents and fan apparel.

It's an inspired seating arrangement, given the start of the NFL season—and the SNL season, for that matter. (The show's 39th year begins on Sept. 28.) And Rodgers, now in his ninth ad for the insurance giant, proves, as usual, to be a good sport.

He takes the middle seat, even though his ticket is for the window seat. He endures needling about being the "discount double-check guy." He even puts up with the smell of brats wafting from tray-table grills that the Bears guys flip down. Only in advertising, right?

Well, at least Rodgers has the support of a loyal Cheesehead. In yet another return performance, the curly-haired fan with the yellow foam cheese wedge on his head appears at the end of the commercial—on the wing of the plane, no less. "Rodgers!" he yells, before aping the QB's seatbelt move. Sadly, he loses his wedge in the process.

Oh, well. No doubt these now-familiar State Farm players will be back soon. After all, it's a long season.


Client: State Farm 

Agency: DDB, Chicago

Group Creative Directors: Barry Burdiak, John Hayes

Associate Creatives Directors: Chad Broude, Brian Boord

Executive Producer: Scott Kemper

Production Manager: Scott Terry

Production Company: Arts & Sciences

Director: Matt Aselton

Editing Company: Cutters

Editor: Grant Gustafson

Finishing: Filmworkers Club