Ad Council

Tough-talking comedienne Wanda Sykes tells teens to “knock it off” in the first PSA campaign from The Advertising Council and the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network to address the use of anti-gay language. Most kids don’t think about the consequences of their speech, but this spot succinctly reminds young viewers that what they think is harmless fun is actually insensitive and hurtful. Teens in a pizza place make fun of a countertop statue, calling it “so gay” when Sykes gets up from the booth behind them to implore, “Please don’t say that.” She politely explains that it is “insulting” to describe something as gay when you mean something is dumb and stupid. And then to illustrate her point, she picks up a salt and pepper shaker and describes it as “so sixteen-year-old boy with a cheesy mustache.” The message finally gets personal and resonates with the teens as the spot closes with Sykes’ voiceover asking viewers do they realize what they say when they say something is so gay and directs them to–Eleftheria Parpis