Acting For Peanuts

Some actors are so devoted to The Method. Consider the five squirrels starring in 3M’s new Post-it Easel Pad spot by Grey Advertising.
Scooter, Skippy, Squirrely, Rocky and Ben rehearsed incessantly for the spot, in which they use the new product to plan their raid on a bird feeder.
Grey associate creative director Al Radicchi said the animals practiced walking on formica surfaces and Post-it Easel Pads for eight weeks before the four-day shoot.
“They need to know what they have to do, what surface they will walk on before we start filming,” he said. “There can be no variables to freak them out when they get onto the set.”
The furry performers were also pretty feisty. Each squirrel was shot separately and digitized into scenes in which they all appear in a room, Radicchi said, adding, “Otherwise, they fight over the peanut butter.”
“They perform strictly for peanut butter, and if more than one is in a scene, they’ll fight for the reward,” Radicchi explained. “They are peanut-butter junkies.”
The spot broke Feb. 7. The tag: “Another 3M innovation.”
–Kathleen Sampey