ABM Prepares Print ‘Feast’

NEW YORK American Business Media, the association of business-to-business information providers, will launch a campaign focusing on the importance readers place on b-to-b media called “Devoured by the influential” from DiMassimo next week.

An ad showing a human digestive tract leading to the brain instead of the stomach will introduce the print and online campaign. Accompanying copy states: “Business media. Devoured by the influential.”

The idea for the campaign came from research that showed people have different relationship with business media than they do with general media, said Mark DiMassimo, CEO and creative director of the New York agency.

“This is about my world, my story. You’ve got to have it and you eat it up,” he said. “That’s what led us to this idea that the business media is devoured by the influential. We think it’s the highest level of engagement.”

Ads will appear in business publications including Adweek, B-to-B, Chief Executive and The Wall Street Journal and on Web sites such as Forbes.com and CFO.com

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