9 Awesome Cat Commercials That Drive the Internet Wild


Bouygues Telecom: Kittens Telecom

Cats rarely work, but at least here they fake it. Also: Fish vending machine! By DDB Paris.


EDS: Cat Herders

Managing the complexities of the digital economy is … sort of like herding cats? That was EDS's message in this 2000 Super Bowl spot from Fallon.


Temptations Cat Treats: Boots

Oh wow, I love your fuzzy new Ugg-like boots. Wait, those aren't boots! From DDB Chicago.


John St.: Catvertising

An ad agency, John St., shifting its entire focus exclusively to cat videos? Not a bad idea.


Shelter Pet Project: Sand Box

Pets tried to figure out their owners in this series of hilarious adoption ads from Draftfcb Chicago. Poop already!


Walmart: Yodeling Cat

It doesn't get much crazier than The Martin Agency's goofy, frightening, yodeling cat. Walmart's gift to you during the 2011 holidays.


Skittles Touch: Cat

Go ahead, get licked by this weird Skittles spot, part of the unsettling "Touch" series from BBDO in Toronto.


Animal Humane Society: I Want

I want, I want, I want. It's no give and all take with cats. But at least they're cute in delivering their demands.


Cravendale: Cats With Thumbs

A classic of the genre by Wieden + Kennedy London. The future already looks grim. Imagine if cats had thumbs.