491 Stations to Go Digital on Feb. 17

NEW YORK A total of 491 full-power TV stations notified the Federal Communications Commission of their plans to terminate analog service on Feb. 17, the original digital TV transition date.

Congress voted to extend the DTV deadline to June 12. Although the bill has yet to be signed into law by President Obama, the FCC set up procedures for stations wishing to stick to the Feb. 17 date. Stations are required to let the commission know of their plans by Feb. 9.

In addition to listing the 491 TV stations that notified the FCC by Feb. 9, the FCC also released a list of an additional 190 full-power facilities that have terminated or will terminate analog operations before Feb. 17.

Many of the stations sticking to the original Feb. 17 deadline are non-commercial broadcasters and stations in smaller markets, such as Burlington-Plattsburgh, Vt.; Cedar Rapids, Iowa; Mobile, Ala.-Pensacola, Fla.; and Oklahoma City.

Major market affiliate groups and the network owned-and-operated stations of ABC, CBS, Fox, and NBC have indicated to the FCC that they would honor the new June 12 deadline.