4 Finalists For Cellular South

Four undisclosed agencies are in the finals for the $1.5 million advertising account of Cellular South, a Jackson, Miss.-based wireless communications company.
According to the client, the finalists are located in Atlanta, Dallas and Memphis, Tenn.
The account had been with Atlanta’s Fricks/Firestone, which won the business last summer [Adweek, Aug. 25, 1997]. Agency president John Fricks said the breakup involved creative differences with the client. He added that his shop will continue working on the account through the middle of August, when its contract expires.
Since acquiring the account, the agency developed a television image spot and several print campaigns. One recent effort promoted the client’s bundled long-distance, local and cellular services package, dubbed Telepak.
When the decision was made to split with Fricks/Firestone, the client compiled a field of 12 shops, according to Cellular South director of marketing Carroll Blackledge. After 10 agencies replied to the initial questionnaire, the list was trimmed to the final four.
The quartet will make final presentations later this month. Blackledge said the company wants to select its next agency by mid-July.
“The [wireless communications] market has gotten very competitive,” Blackledge said. “With new players coming into the business and new technologies, it’s becoming very confusing to the consumer. People aren’t sure what they should be buying or how much it should cost. We need to be much more strategic in our approach.”
Cellular South currently markets it services under the tagline, “More go with us, more stay with us.”