360i CEO Sarah Hofstetter Shows Us Her ‘Hoffice’

As the CEO of 360i, an agency known for playful, viral campaigns—Oreo’s “Dunk in the Dark” during Super Bowl XLVII immediately comes to mind—it stands to reason that Sarah Hofstetter’s office has its share of fun, quirky finds. Filled with toys and trinkets collected throughout her career, plus various awards, her downtown New York digs show that running a large digital agency doesn’t mean you can’t have fun. “I obviously spend a lot of time there,” said Hofstetter, “so I need it to be my home away from home—which is good because my colleagues are really my extended family.” And her office really does feel like home. In one corner, the Adweek 50 alum keeps a kosher kitchen, while across the room sits a pair of cozy sofas. In outfitting the space, she wanted to ensure that her work family always felt at ease coming to her. “That’s why it’s meant to be comfortable—a place that’s open, trusting and easy to talk,” she said. 


High-tech Pez

Hofstetter and her husband have collected Pez dispensers for more than 20 years. “Our lab here at 360i created a motion sensor for the Ariel one as a gift for me,” she said. “By waving your hand in front of the sensor, it automatically tilts the dispenser head backwards and releases a Pez candy.”


Client Miniatures

360i clients in miniature


Award-winning Agency

Various awards. “I’m proud of all of these achievements because they are directly tied to the great work our team is doing every day,” the CEO said. 


Time Crunch

When someone asks for “just five minutes,” she said, that’s exactly what they get.


Superhero CEO

A comic book artist drew Hofstetter as a superhero. 

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