3-in-1 Billboard Goes Up in Times Square

CHICAGO Hormel meats invades the Big Apple on Wednesday with a three-sided billboard running through the month of December in Times Square.

The outdoor ad from Omnicom’s BBDO in Minneapolis spoofs traditional fashion advertising found in New York’s billboard advertising. The three boards depict models in familiar fashion poses, but instead of haute couture or jewelry, they are wearing cooking items such as oven mitts or an apron.

One board shows a stylish woman wearing a belt off which various cooking utensils hang, with the headline, “Cooking is the new black.” A second sign shows a woman wearing oven mitts with the headline, “Conquer the kitchen. Conquer the world.” The third display shows an apron-wearing model with a headline, “Heat things up.” Each board is 118 feet tall by 60 feet wide.

“Cooking is incredibly expressive,” said agency president and chief creative officer Denny Haley, in a statement. “We wanted to liken the personal flair normally associated with fashion to cooking and the Hormel brand.”

Hormel spent no money on outdoor advertising last year, according to Nielsen Monitor-Plus. The Austin, Minn., company spent nearly $35 million on all advertising last year.