2 Women, 1 ‘Voice’ Are Heard in Seattle: Bjornsen, Weis Form Agency Dedicated to Distaff Marketing

A pair of veteran marketers have opened an agency in Seattle dedicated to marketing to women.
Sally Bjornsen and Lianne Weis have formed Voice, to fill what they see as a void in that arena. “It is our goal . . . to educate marketers on how to start building profitable, long-term relationships with women through brand communications and effective marketing programs,” said Bjornsen, co-founding partner and Voice’s account planner.
The agency’s name comes from the “voice” of the targeted consumer as well as the voice of the brand, she explained.
Bjornsen and Weis met while working at direct response agency Herring/Newman in Seattle. They decided to form their own agency earlier this year, after working together on a feminine products account. Weis recalled that women in focus groups were baffled with advertising in the category, and she and Bjornsen agreed to try to find a better way to address that target.
“Our findings in focus groups inspired us to investigate other categories that were doing a poor job of speaking to women,” said Weis, agency co-founder and creative director.
At Voice, the pair have created an eight-page insert for Sierra Designs, which ran in magazines such as Outside, Backpacker, and Women’s Sports & Fitness. They are also working on national consumer print ads for Gore/Tex, a maker of laminated fashion products, which are slated to appear in Working Woman and major market weeklies this fall.
Bjornsen has worked on the client side for Macy’s and Nike. Weis spent three years at Herring as creative director on the Westin Hotels & Resorts account. Previously, she was at agencies in Vancouver, B.C.