Indiegogo Acquires an Agency to Expand Its Enterprise Business

Agency of Trillions works with Fortune 500 brands

Indiegogo has acquired an agency. Sources: Indiegogo, Agency of Trillions
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Crowdfunding platform Indiegogo announced it has acquired its very own agency—Agency of Trillions—with the hope of expanding its enterprise crowdfunding division, which already counts Hasbro, GE and Whirpool as partners.

“We were really impressed with the way Agency of Trillions was working with large brands to foster innovation and to enable those large brands to, in different ways, connect either directly with entrepreneurs or directly with potential users or others it was hoping to stir innovation with,” David Mandelbrot, CEO of Indiegogo, said.

Indiegogo first noticed Agency of Trillions through a project the agency worked on with Triscuit. Instead of focusing on Triscuit and all the things that make the brand great, Agency of Trillions decided to leverage the brand’s credibility and name to help the next batch of food companies create something. To do so the agency approached Indiegogo and created a partnership that later allowed Triscuit to back 54 entrepreneur food companies.

“Both Indiegogo and Agency of Trillions have this founding goal to empower people to accomplish things that they are really passionate about,” added Mandelbrot.

Mandelbrot hopes that through the partnership with Agency of Trillions, Indiegogo will be able to work with a broader range of companies. At the moment, the agency works with not only Fortune 500 companies but also a handful government agencies and educational institutions—a major draw for Indiegogo.

Tony Robbins is a founding investor of Agency of Trillions. Robbins is a partner of Beringer Capital, Adweek’s parent company.

@ktjrichards Katie Richards is a staff writer for Adweek.