D&I TBD: Anomaly’s Jezz Chung Gets Real About the Pandemic’s Emotional Impact

Agency's diversity and engagement lead joins Adweek's newest podcast

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D&I TBD is a biweekly audio magazine about all things diversity and inclusion. Dianna McDougall

Jezz Chung, Anomaly’s diversity and engagement lead, joins us this week for Episode 2 of Adweek’s new podcast, D&I TBD. Speaking with diversity and inclusion reporter Mary Emily O’Hara, Chung muses on how inclusive workplace goals are shifting during Covid-19 layoffs and cutbacks.

@MaryEmilyOHara maryemily.ohara@adweek.com Mary Emily O'Hara is a diversity and inclusion reporter. They specialize in covering LGBTQ+ issues and other underrepresented communities.