360i Launches Amazon Marketing Practice to ‘Help Clients Succeed in That Ecosystem’

Hires Will Margaritis as vp of ecommerce

360i’s Amazon Marketplace practice will focus specifically on voice technologies such as Amazon’s Alexa. Courtesy of 360i

Amazon’s impact on the marketing industry is now impossible to ignore.

Recognizing the importance of developing strategies specifically for the ecommerce giant, 360i is launching a dedicated Amazon Marketing practice.

“Amazon has long been referred to as a ‘sleeping giant,’ but there’s no ignoring the impact it’s already had on how consumer goods brands operate in the ecommerce and retail spaces,” 360i CEO Sarah Hofstetter said in a statement.

Will Margaritis

“360i is uniquely qualified to guide brands through the challenges Amazon presents. When change like this happens, brands will look for a specialized partner who can adapt, lead and capitalize,” she added citing the agency’s “strong roots in consumer discovery and engagement.”

“Amazon is a nuanced, complex ecosystem. We decided we need to cast an Amazon specific lens on some of the things we’re quite good at doing to help clients succeed in that ecosystem,” 360i CMO Abbey Klaassen told Adweek.

“We have a lot of clients asking us for help with Amazon,” she said. “When Google disrupted discovery, we were there with clients to help with that, when Facebook disrupted community we were there to help brands with social. Amazon is the third wave of disruption,” she said and the agency will help clients “capitalize on the latest change in commerce.”

The practice arises from and addresses client needs ranging from “trying to figure out voice commerce,” to “how to build loyalty in an Amazon world,” “driving performance and sales,” and even “clients that don’t sell anything on Amazon but are looking at how to use media properties.”

“One of the things we’ve discussed a lot is not just ‘How am I marketing on Amazon?’ but ‘How am I marketing in an Amazon world?'” she added.

Part of 360i’s Amazon Marketplace practice will focus specifically on voice technologies such as Amazon’s Alexa, utilizing the agency’s recently-launched proprietary insights platform, Voice Search Monitor.

“If you’re trying to figure out if you’re optimized for different systems, you have to understand what different systems know,” Klaassen explained, comparing it to the early stages of brands struggling to understand search on Google.

360i hired Will Margaritis to lead the practice as vice president, ecommerce. He will be tasked with helping brands unify ecommerce strategy across platforms and building tools and strategies to help clients increase sales on Amazon and other online retailers.

Margaritis arrives at 360i from L’Oréal, where he spent over two years as vp, ecommerce strategy and operations. He has also held senior management roles with Amazon and Luxottica Retail.

Klaassen said Margaritis’ background represents a “unique blend of experience that was a great combination for this role,” adding that he is “somebody who understands brand point of view.”

@ErikDOster erik.oster@adweek.com Erik Oster is an agencies reporter for Adweek.