You Can Help Tomcat Kill Some Rodents on a Special Halloween Facebook Live Today

Dumb mice meet timely ends in perfect slasher gag

Ready to do a little indiscriminate rodent killing on Facebook Live today? Then Tomcat pest control has a campaign for you. 

Barton F. Graf created a fake trailer, along with fake posters, for the special Halloween livestream, in which Facebook users will be able to vote on what kind of gruesome deaths will befall a bunch of rodents (actually, already-dead rodent puppets), who are just trying to enjoy life as clueless teenagers on a summer cabin getaway.

It's a cleverly timed stunt, but most winsome as a sendup of circa-'90s slasher films, and the astonishing inability of their supporting characters—the ones scripted to be exterminated—to sense and avoid danger (in this case, Tomcat mousetraps).

"Spoiler: They All Die," reads one of the print ads. In the video, there's the obligatory nod to The Shining, with a warning scrawled in red on a mirror. And try not to laugh when the supers declare, with absurd melodrama, "A weekend of fun becomes a weekend of death, and the killer is … you."

That's not to mention the name itself. "Facebook Not Live," reads the trailer's tagline. "On account of all the dead mice." 

Tune in at 2 p.m. ET: 


Client: Tomcat

VP, General Manager: Tim Martin

Marketing Director: Katherine Schoessel

VP, Chief Digital & Marketing Services Officer: Patricia Ziegler

Digital Content Director: Bill Litfin

Integrated Marketing Manager: Christopher Aaron

Agency: Barton F. Graf

Chief Creative Officer / Founder: Gerry Graf Executive

Executive Creative Director / Partner: Ian Reichenthal

Creative Director: Nick Kaplan

Copywriters: Nicolas Labbe, Mark Bielik, Ross Fletcher, Joey Ianno

Art Director: Jesse Brown

Producer: Zack Grant

Head of Integrated Production: Josh Morse

Designer/Art Department: Christine Allen

Account Director: Yvette Ames

Account Manager: Kirsten Quinn

Strategy Director: Deepa Sen

Social Strategist: Lynn Chu

Production Company: Barton F. Graf Productions

Line Producer / Assistant Director: Zack Grant

Head of Production: Josh Morse

Director of Photography: Nathan Podshadley

Set Design: Nix + Gerber Studio

Editor: Matt Slamowitz

Visual Effects: My Active Driveway

Mix: Heard City

Engineers: Evan Mangianele, Eric Warzecha