Why 3-D Printing Won’t Catch On as a Mass-Consumer Trend

Millennial Marketing Tips From 4 of the World’s Biggest Digital Platforms

A quartet of executives from Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter and Pandora gave advertisers tips on how to reach millennials during a panel at ZenithOptimedia Group's Mobile Day in New York on Tuesday.

The Internet Pushes Individual Media Use to More Than 8 Hours A Day

Consumer Internet use will increase 12 percent globally this year, helping drive average individual media consumption to more than eight hours a day, according to a new Media Consumption Forecasts report from ZenithOptimedia. As that trend continues, in 2017 the Internet will account for 29 percent of the time people spend with media.

Photos of SXSW, Internet Celebs and Major Musicians From L.A. to New York

SXSW Interactive took place in Austin, drawing attendees from all industries to celebrate innovation and technology, while magazine parties and charity galas commenced in New York and LA. 

For Brands, 2015 Is Shaping Up to Be the Year of Positivity

Can a brand help improve a consumer's state of mind or even dare to make them happier? That's what marketing for brands like Coca-Cola, McDonald's and Dove is attempting in 2015.

HomeAway Invests ‘Tens of Millions of Dollars’ in Global Campaign

HomeAway last summer hired its first global chief marketing officer in Mariano Dima, who had served in the same role for Visa Europe, and promised to increase ad spending worldwide by 50 percent. At the time, the home rental brand ultimately sent this proclamation to every hospitality competitor from Bookings.com to Airbnb: We're serious now. 

Nielsen Mistake Means Ratings Are Even Lower Than We Thought

Given that it premiered Sunday night, it seems like the right time to ask: Is The Walking Dead the only thing young people watch?

Ava Jordhamo Takes COO Role at ZenithOptimedia

ZenithOptimedia North American president Ava Jordhamo is assuming a new role at the media group.

ZenithOptimedia Brings New Strategy to Cannes

ZenithOptimedia will use the high profile of Cannes to discuss its new "Owned First" strategic approach.The strategy centers around how marketers prioritize and allocate resources across paid, owned and earned media.

ZenithOptimedia Expects Ad Spending to Rise in Each of the Next 3 Years

ZenithOptimedia predicts that global ad spending will rise 5.5 percent to $537 billion in 2014, up from $509 billion in 2013.